AstraZeneca vaccine would be very effective in older people

DECRYPTION – According to a study carried out in Scotland, the bad reputation in France of the treatment of the Anglo-Swedish laboratory is completely unfounded.

This is good news, which would speed up the vaccination campaign among the elderly. According to a preliminary study by Scottish researchers using data from the country’s social security, the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have a very high efficacy on hospitalizations, including in those over 65. “If this paper passes the validation stage, which should be the case, it must lead us to readjust our vaccine strategy”, indicates the Pr Alain Fischer, Chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council. Because if the marketing authorization issued to AstraZeneca by the European Medicines Agency concerns all adults over 18 years old, the French authorities have ruled that the efficacy data in the elderly were not sufficient. , and decided to reserve the vaccine for those under 65. Consequence: too old for the AstraZeneca, too young for the Pfizer and Moderna (for the moment reserved for over 75 years), the

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