Astrology: Venus will transit in Taurus on Saturday, the tension of these 4 zodiac signs will increase

Astrology, Shukra Rashi Parivartan in June 2022: According to astrology, on Saturday, June 18, Venus will transit from Aries to Taurus (Shukra Gochar). Shukradev will enter Taurus on Saturday morning at 8.27 am. He will remain here till July 13. The transit of Venus (Shukra Gochar) in Taurus on Saturday will create problems for these 4 zodiac signs. The tension of the people of these zodiac will increase.

These four zodiac signs Of will grow difficulties

Gemini Zodiac, For the people of Gemini zodiac, the change of Venus is bringing about financial problems. The extravagance of these people will increase. Due to which the financial condition will be bad. Be careful in married life, otherwise problems may arise. Do not speak harsh words to anyone else the relationship may get affected. Take care of health.

Libra Zodiac, This time will not be auspicious for the people of this zodiac. They have to be very careful during this time as there are chances of increase in family dispute. Invest very carefully, otherwise you may have to suffer losses. Do not neglect your health.

sagittarius Zodiac, Venus transit is bringing tension for the people of Sagittarius. During this time enemies and opponents can increase their activity. For this you need to be careful from enemies. Keep your work confidential. Be careful about health. Health can be bad due to disordered eating. However, there are also chances of success in career.

Pisces Zodiac, The expenses of the people of this zodiac will increase. Spend it wisely. Otherwise the financial situation may deteriorate. There can be challenges for job seekers.

Note, After transiting in Taurus for about 26 days, Venus will transit in Gemini on 13th July.

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