“At 15, I felt the call to become a pastor”

The courtyard on rue Castex, located behind the Temple du Marais, serves the parish halls with large bay windows. This is where Pastor Caroline Bretones comes to pick us up. She guides us with a light step towards a bright room. A free coffee and the interview can begin.

This mother of three has been one of the two pastors of this church for eleven years “Lutheran Reformed with evangelical, even charismatic sensibility”.

In her parish of Marais, she is responsible for the supervision of worship, ministries of praise and spiritual accompaniment, diakonia (solidarity) and external relations.

The characteristic of this community, member of the United Protestant Church of France? “It is a young and dynamic church, overflowing with creativity, which places spiritual accompaniment and the care of people at the heart of its life project. “

His father, of Spanish origin with a Catholic tradition, worked in electronics. Her mother, of German and Lutheran origin, worked as a translator-interpreter. These are a “Call” and an “Conviction” who led her to become a pastor. She was ordained in 1997 at the age of 27. “From the age of 15, I felt very clearly that I was called to serve God as a pastor. I was convinced that this would allow me to give the best of myself. “


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