At La Tempête, the pangs of homesickness

“He would like to go back, but where?” He was born there on the day of the figs. “ Algerian immigrant, construction worker, Mr. B. fell from a roof. He no longer has all his head, he forgets his country and his language, devoured by this emptiness which, little by little, is growing in him. Author and director, Naéma Boudoumi was inspired by the fate of her father, suffering from a mental illness, to draw this delicate Daddy Papillon, at the confluence of theater and circus. A piece about pain and fragility where two writings of great finesse mingle: words, of course, but also the poetry of gestures. In a scenography that skilfully plays with light and matter, this show leads us into the intimacy of madness, closer to its humanity. In the course of his hallucinations, Mr. B. meets a butterfly, a snail or even a doctor with a surprisingly plastic body, so many figures displayed by a feline Maxime Pairault, almost evanescent. Arnaud Dupont, who masters the art of metamorphosis without artifice, summons an incredible diversity of characters. Carlos Lima is overwhelming in the wandering of Mr. B., symbolized by this Cyr wheel which seems to drag him into endless repetition. Hope nevertheless remains and with it, despite the confusion of illness, the taste for life.


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