At the age of 55, Salman Khan told the benefit of bachelorhood, said- I am my own boss, I am neither afraid of anyone nor interference

Salman Khan is 55 years old, but even today he is single. While fans are eagerly waiting for his marriage, the actor himself has said that he is happy to be single. Why is he happy by being single now (Salman Khan on being unmarried), it was recently revealed by Salman at the launch of ‘Bigg Boss 15’.

‘Bigg Boss 15’ was launched on 23 September, in which Salman joined Austria. In Austria, he is shooting for ‘Tiger 3’. Salman talks about the similarities between Bigg Boss and himself here. He said that there is a similarity between him and Bigg Boss that both are single and that is why he is his own boss.

‘If you are a bachelor, you have your own boss, no one’s fear or interference’

Salman said, ‘There is a similarity between Bigg Boss and I that we are both bachelors. That’s why we are both bosses. There is no fear and no interference from anyone.

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long lasting relationship

In the launch event itself, Salman also said that Bigg Boss is the only relationship in his life which lasts for so long. He said, ‘Bigg Boss is the only relationship in my life that lasts for so long. Otherwise, leave my relationship…let it be. But sometimes in those four months we don’t see each other face to face but when we are separating, we are desperate to be together again.’

Let us tell you that in personal life, Salman’s name was linked with many actresses and he also had a relationship with some. But someone broke up within 2 years and someone broke up within 3 or 4 years. Salman is happily single and enjoying bachelorhood.

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Not only this, Salman further told that what is common between him and Bigg Boss. He said, ‘There is a similarity between Bigg Boss and I that we are both bachelors. That’s why both of us consider ourselves bosses without any fear or interference.


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