At the second Trump-Biden debate, two visions that everything opposes

To avoid the chaos of the first confrontation, the organizers of the second and last debate of the presidential campaign had planned to cut the microphones of the two candidates after two minutes of intervention. This was not necessary, despite a few tense moments, in particular on the management of Covid-19, a major theme of the campaign.

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Donald Trump defended the priority given to the reopening of schools and the economy, saying that his son, Barron, who fell ill with Covid like his parents, had recovered quickly and that the ” transmission rate to teachers was very low ”.

Tense discussions on the Covid

“New York is a ghost town”, he then declared – wrongly – about his hometown, former epicenter of the virus: ” Are we going to sit in a restaurant in cubes surrounded by plastic? The businesses are dying ”.

Looking directly at the camera, as he used to do, Joe Biden referred to him, ” empty chairs around the kitchen table ” formerly occupied by Americans swept away by the Covid: ” He wants us to live with the virus. We are dying with ”.

“Cages” for migrant children

Of the more than 545 children who still have not been reunited with their parents after being separated by the government at the Mexican border in 2017, Donald Trump has launched a political attack. He accused the former vice president of having ” built the cages “ where these children were placed, and simply said that his administration ” was trying “ to locate them.

Angry, Joe Biden went, him, on the human ground where he excels. He did it again later that evening, bringing up the “Talk”, that ritualistic discussion that African-American parents have with their children about how to behave with the police to avoid putting themselves in danger. ” Institutional racism exists ”, did he declare.

Asked what he would say to reassure parents of black children who are having these conversations, the president once again played the economic card and highlighted the good employment figures for racial minorities before the Covid-19 and its reform of the prison system, the First Step Act, which aims in particular to facilitate the professional reintegration of former convicts. ” I am the president who has done the most for black people in history, apart from perhaps Abraham Lincoln ”.

Biden promises to end oil

Later, in a sequence on poor communities exposed to pollution, he lashed out at Joe Biden when he said he wanted to get rid of oil in favor of renewable energy. ” He will destroy the oil industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma… ”, observed Donald Trump, with reference to the key states of the election, without offering solutions to protect these communities.

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The latter summed up his vision at the end of the debate, seen as his last chance to save his campaign: the country will be “rassembled “ by its ” success “ economic. For his part, Joe Biden reiterated that “ the character of the country, decency, honor and respect, are on the ballot “ November 3. The choice is clear.


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