Australian Open: authorities cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa for lack of evidence justifying his medical exemption

After two days of an unlikely imbroglio, Novak Djokovic was refused entry into Australian territory by the country’s authorities on Wednesday January 5, forcing the Serb to leave the territory. The information was confirmed by Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt on the “Sunrise” program. “By analyzing the integrity and the evidence behind the medical exemption, the visa was canceled”, added the country’s health minister. The Serb will appeal the decision to Victoria court.

Since the announcement, Tuesday, January 4, of a medical exemption granted to the world number 1 to participate in the tournament, the controversy over this decision was only swelling.

Faced with such an impact, which went beyond the sole sporting framework, the director of the Australian Open Craig Tiley, then the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, both urged, on Wednesday January 5, Novak Djokovic to reveal the reason for the “medical exemption” allowing him to participate in the first Grand Slam of the year. The Serb never responded to this request.

The controversy continued to swell on Wednesday with the speech of Jaala Pulford, member of the government of the State of Victoria on Twitter. The Minister of Employment thus explained that the State will not provide a visa to the Serbian, by returning the responsibility to the Australian State.

These declarations and positions take place in a particular political context. While the state of Victoria is led by the Labor Party, the federal state is mostly in the hands of the Conservative Party. Jaala Pulford is therefore part of the opposition.

The Federal Government has asked if we will support Novak Djokovic’s visa application to enter Australia. We will not be providing support for Novak Djokovic’s individual visa application to participate in the 2022 Grand Slam Australian Open. “. Then add: “We have always been clear on two points: visa approvals are the responsibility of the federal government, and medical exemptions are the responsibility of physicians.”

Finally, the Serbian’s visa was canceled on Wednesday evening. Greg Hunt, Australian Minister of Health, confirmed that Novak Djokovic did not provide “the appropriate evidence” to enter the country. His chances of taking part in the first Grand Slam tournament of the season are dwindling sharply. The appeal of his lawyers to the court of Victoria remains his only hope.

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