Avatar Gill’s ruck pain, said – I need work, I am mentally-physically fit for acting

‘Noori’, ‘Torch’, ‘Slavery’, Daddy ‘,’ Rangeela ‘,’ Sir ‘,’ Dilwale ‘,’ Mortuary ‘and last year under the banner of Shah Rukh Khan, the film’ Kamal ‘released in Bollywood with his acting in hundreds of hits. Veteran actor Avtar Gill… is seeking work from the new generation of the film industry.

Today’s superstars, we don’t carry the old actors together
Avatar Gill, who has worked in nearly 300 films, has completed more than 4 decades i.e. 43 years in the world of Hindi film industry and theater. Avatar Gill said in an exclusive interview with NavbharatTimes.com, while expressing his pain. ‘The new generation of Bollywood (Hindi film industry), we are not taking the old actors along. New people behave like we don’t even know. Let me tell you that I am so much in love with the stars of films and film industry that during Struggle days Raj Kapoor was drunk for 3 months after doing a 3-minute role in a film.

I am mentally fit, not missing from Bollywood
Having worked with Shah Rukh Khan from Raj Kapoor, capable of acting and despite not completing work in Bollywood despite completing 43 years in the Hindi film industry, Avatar Gill said, “I have no shame in seeking work, I just want work. With the new generation of Bollywood, I say that I want to work with you guys, that is, the new generation. I am mentally and physically fit to work. I have not been removed or disappeared from the film industry, I am connected, you can say that only my tongue has changed. I am speaking Marathi, then Gujarati and Punjabi somewhere. I also do dubbing of Marathi-Gujarati and Punjabi films. ‘

Don’t be afraid to look at the camera, give me the job that suits my age
‘The great thing is that for 42 years continuously, I also do theater in different cities across the country. My 7 to 8 places run and their advertisements are also published. It is not that I am not doing any work, it is not that my sweat will be lost as soon as I come in front of the camera. Not that I am not used to face the camera, I am not attached to the camera. I am doing regular work on camera. I am telling the new generation of Bollywood that I am active and asking for the same work which suits me according to my age.

I got my role in Shahrukh Khan’s production film Succeed
‘I also want to work with you guys, I feel very good. Last year, I played the role of Avatar Gill in the Sanjay Mishra starrer film Saksham, produced by Shah Rukh Khan. Isha Talwar, Sarika Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Director Hardik and many new colleagues have done a lot of fun.

I’m not lame yet, new generation you run, I’ll run back, I need work
‘Our work is also done by interacting with the old generation with the new generation. Now even before us there was some generation, then we were new. I am saying if the new generation is running then take us along, we too will run after you… You run forward, we will run behind. Your speed is high, we are low, but we can definitely part with you. We are not lame yet, neither are we on a wheel chair (laughs), we cannot beat you in running, you can run away, give me work for you guys. ‘

Let me tell you, in his time, the popularity of veteran actor Avatar Gill was so great that in the Sanjay Mishra starrer ‘Kamal’ (Kaamyaab) released under the banner of Red Chillis, Shah Rukh Khan’s banner last year, he had his own actor Avatar Gill Role was played.


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