Avoid overeating of these fruits and vegetables

Toxins In Food: We are always advised to eat vegetables and fruits. But very few people will know that some fruits and vegetables work to harm our health. Yes, in such a situation, you do not need to worry because here we will tell you about those fruits, vegetables and nuts, which eating can harm your health. Let’s know how.

Consumption of these vegetables can cause harm to health-

Mushroom-Mushrooms are counted among the best sources of vitamin D, but some people may suffer from its consumption. This happens when the mushroom is not cooked properly. On the other hand, if you have any kind of allergy, then avoid consuming mushrooms.

Carrot- Even while consuming carrots, you have to take care of its quantity. If you consume carrots in excess, it can change the color of your skin to yellow. So consume it in limited quantity.

Cauliflower-Consuming cauliflower can cause gas problems, because a compound called rifnose is found inside it, which weakens the ability of our body to digest. Therefore, it should always be consumed by cooking it properly.

Consumption of these fruits can cause harm to health-

Consumption of orange can harm- Everyone likes to eat oranges. But do you know that due to its excessive consumption, the color of your urine changes, apart from this, if you have a problem of dehydration, then it turns the color of your urine orange.

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