Baby Boy Names: Looking for the most different name for a son, then see this list

Baby Boy Names With Meaning : The birth of a son in the house brings all the happiness and also brings such happiness which has no match. Everyone jumps with joy when the lamp of the house is born. If this happiness has come in your house too, then we have brought a list of such names for your son, whose meaning is also very cute like the name.

1- Other- Anya might be a lovely name for your son. Another name of Lord Vishnu is Anay.

2- Devashish- God’s blessings are also called Devashish. Blessings of Gods, Devashish.

3- Evan- If you want your son to be very courageous, then Evan is a good name which means a great warrior.

4- Inesh- AA powerful king is called Inesh. Which has all the amenities.

5-Carav- This is a very cute name. The white colored lotus flower is called Kairav.

6-Agavoli- You have hardly heard such a name. As unique as this name is, its meaning is equally lovely. Agavoli means clever intellect, which is very sharp with the mind.

7- If- The one who shines like fire is called Agir.

8-Agendra- The one who rules the mountains is called Agendra.

9-palkesh- This name is different from all, which means giving a very pleasant feeling.

10- Palvit- There is also a name of Lord Vishnu which is unique as well as very meaningful.

11- Manas- A short, cute name that means very intelligent and quick.

12-Nirvin- The one who brings happiness in life will be called Nirvin.

13- Parv- Any festival or festival is called Parv.

14- Nilesh- Moon is also called Nilesh.

15- Earthly- Adorable, beautiful and alluring.

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