Baccalaureate: the specialty tests scheduled for March are postponed to mid-May

Terminale students and their teachers can take a breather. The Ministry of National Education announced, Friday, January 28, the postponement of the specialty tests for the general and technological baccalaureate. Scheduled for March 14, 15 and 16, the written tests will finally be held on May 11, 12 and 13. The tests “assessment of experimental capacities” will take place in the days that follow, adds the ministry in its press release.

The unions demanded this postponement, pointing to the delay in the program due to absences and class closures linked to Covid-19. “Given the numerous and successive absences due to illness, the students find themselves in very different situations in terms of preparation”recognizes the ministry.

“Keeping the tests unchanged in March would have led to breaches of equality between candidates.”

The Ministry of National Education

in a press release

These tests concern the two “specialties” chosen by high school students in the final year as part of the baccalaureate reform. The program they will have to prepare will be the same as if they had been held in March, without any additional themes, specifies the ministry.

Another change: the subjects “will be arranged” so that students have “a choice of questions or exercises”. And the two days preceding the test will be dedicated to the revision of these exams, the other courses being canceled. Finally, the tests for the language level certificate are cancelled.

The programming of these events in March is designed to allow the results to be integrated into Parcoursup. Due to their postponement, the marks will be replaced by the average obtained in 1st and during the first two terms of terminale.

The rest of the bac calendar is not changed: the philosophy test will be held on June 15 and the Grand oral will be organized between June 20 and July 1. In physical education and sports, scoring may be done on two controls instead of three in the event of “consequences of the health situation on the availability of facilities or the preparation of students”.

The vocational stream tests will not be changed, but the periods of training in the workplace will be reduced by two weeks to allow students to revise. Finally, in 1st year, the ministry announces a reduction in the number of texts to be prepared for oral French: 16 in the general way and 9 in the technological way.

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