Bad habit is not getting enough sleep, there are so many problems

Benefits Of Sleep: Bad habit is not getting enough sleep. If you are a victim of this then quit this habit as soon as possible. Because by sleeping less you are not increasing your working hours or enjoyment hours but you are shortening your life and making your body sick. Not getting enough sleep affects not only the body but also the brain. Due to this there is also the problem of memory loss and the energy level also remains down (Low energy level). Here, know how it affects the body if sleep is not complete.

What are the disadvantages of low gold?

Sleeping less or not getting enough sleep means that you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep in a day. Doing so makes you physically and mentally weak.

  • Muscle strain and pain: When sleep is not complete, the body does not get complete rest. When we are sleeping, our body repairs muscles and cells. When this repair is not completed, there is fullness and tension in the body. Due to this, the problem of strain and pain disturbs.
  • Confusion: Due to lack of sleep according to the needs of the body, there is confusion all the time. There is a problem in decision making while doing any work and usually the problems only get aggravated due to wrong calculation.
  • Irritation: Mental and physical fatigue increases sadness and meanwhile work pressure, indecision increases irritability. Due to this anger comes more and along with work, the fear of spoiling the relationship also remains.
  • Obesity (Fat): You may not believe it, but sleeping less or not getting enough sleep also increases obesity. Because due to lack of sleep, the problem of bloating increases in the body and there is a feeling of hanging fat on the body. This also increases the heaviness in the body.

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