Baldness: risky and unsatisfactory drugs

Finasteride, of uncertain efficacy, has significant side effects such as erectile dysfunction or depressive disorders. Minoxidil slows down hair loss but only leads to regrowth in rare patients.

Initially developed against hypertrophy of the prostate, on which it blocks the action of testosterone, finasteride also inhibits the action of this hormone on the hair bulbs, whose activity can then be restarted, even when they are not produce more hair. This observation has led researchers to extend the indications for this drug, taken orally, to androgenic alopecia: 80% of patients notice a slowing of hair loss and 60% see, after several months, hair regrowth.

But pharmacovigilance puts a significant limit: “Adverse effects, such as symptoms and psychiatric disturbances as well as disturbances in sexual function have been reported during and after the use of finasteride”, indicated in February 2019 the ANSM, recalling that the use of this molecule was not without risk. Many patients have complained of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, abnormal

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