Bananas Benefits: Know why you should include banana in daily diet – not one but many benefits

Banana is a treasure trove of nutrients. It is a fruit that is found in all seasons throughout the year. A ripe banana of medium size can provide 450 grams of potassium, 28 grams of carbohydrates and 15 grams of sugar. The fruit is so versatile that you can include it in your diet in many ways.

Reasons for including banana in diet
Experts say that you can eat it as a fruit, you can use it in the shape of a milkshake, you can also make vegetables from it or fry a banana slice for chips. Apart from this, you can include banana in pudding to get health benefits. Nutritionist Jinal Shah has told the benefits of banana on Instagram.

Sharing a picture of the green raw banana, he captioned in his post, “One banana in a day removes bloating, gas and constipation.” In fact, this is the case with both raw and ripe bananas. Banana contains soluble fiber, which can ease stool movement and relieve constipation. You can get 2.6 grams of fiber with 100 grams of banana. In addition, bananas are full of potassium and soluble fiber. This helps to flush out excess sodium.

Research has shown that if your diet is lacking enough fiber, you may be at risk of gas. In such a situation it may be helpful to include bananas in the diet. Shah says, “Banana can be used as a first meal, in the evening or late at night after you wake up.”

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