Bathing longer than hot water in winter can cause harm to health

Disadvantages of Hot Water Bath: Taking bath daily is one of the good habit. Bathing daily helps in removing oil and bacteria from your skin. But do you know that excessive bathing can make your skin dry, itchy. This is because bad bacteria enter your skin when it becomes dry. In such a situation, we will tell you here how long it is right for you to take a bath with hot water. On the other hand, if you take a bath longer than hot water, then what can be the harm to your health.

How long should one take a bath with hot water?

It is a different pleasure to take a bath with warm water in winter. Hot water not only warms the body but also relaxes it. But do you know that hot water removes the oily substance of your skin and your skin becomes dry and itchy. At the same time, do not take a bath with hot water for a long time and you can take a bath with hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. But bathing longer than this can be harmful for your skin.

Disadvantages of bathing with hot water-

Skin damage- Hot water washes off the moisturizer applied on the body. On the other hand, if left in such water for a long time, then it starts damaging the skin by reducing the natural moisture present in the skin.

Rashes and Itching Problem- Making the skin dry, it brings cracks in it. Which you may not see, but it can create the problem of rashes and itching.

wrinkles- Even if you do not wash your face with hot water, but the steam coming out of it will fall on your face, due to which the pores can get bigger which can lead to wrinkles on your face.

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