Before keeping Laddu Gopal at home, know these things, it is important to follow these rules

Laddu Gopal Care: The appearance of Laddu Gopal, the child form of Lord Shri Krishna, is so sweet that it attracts everyone’s mind. In such a situation, many people keep him as a member in the house. But just keeping them in the temple at home is not enough. They have to be kept in the house like a member of the family. There are many rules to keep Laddu Gopal at home, which is very important to follow. Many childless couples also keep Laddu Gopal in the house, so that they can get the happiness of the child. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of bringing Laddu Gopal in the house, then know these rules very well once.

Take bath daily

Laddu Gopal needs to be bathed in the same way as you take bath every day in the house. Laddu Gopal is taken care of like a child. Use conch shell while bathing Laddu Gopal. According to religious texts, Lakshmi resides in the conch shell. After taking a bath, immerse that water in the Tulsi plant.

Wear clean clothes

It is also necessary for them to wear clean clothes after bathing. Always keep in mind that once you have worn them, do not wear them again. Even if you wear them, they should be washed.

Makeup is essential

After dressing Laddu Gopal, his makeup is also necessary. Apply sandalwood vaccine to Laddu Gopal, wear jewelry. After this it is also necessary to take their eyes off.

Offer it 4 times a day-

Offer Bhog to Laddu Gopal 4 times a day. According to religious texts, Laddu Gopal was a vegetarian and used to eat sattvik food. Therefore, onion, garlic, meat etc. should not be made in the house where Laddu Gopal is seated. Whatever you cook in the kitchen, make sure to offer it to Laddu Gopal. By the way, you can also offer them butter-mishri, boondi laddus, kheer and halwa prasad.

Don’t leave alone-

If you have placed Laddu Gopal in the house, do not leave him alone in the house. Take them with you wherever you go outside the house. Especially if you are going out somewhere for a long time, then take them with you. Not only this, wherever you go, definitely worship him. Along with this, make them sleep at night and in the afternoon.

perform aarti-

Whenever you offer Bhog to Laddu Gopal, then also do his aarti. Light incense sticks at the time of Aarti. Bela flowers and banana are very dear to Lord Shri Krishna, so after the aarti, offer these things to him. Not only this, keep a photo of Radha Rani with her and do her aarti too.

September Ekadashi 2021: Do not make any mistake in fasting on Ekadashi, include only these things in fasting food on this day

Pradosh Vrat 2021: The first Pradosh fast of Bhadrapada is on 4th September, every wish will be fulfilled by reciting this story of Lord Shiva on this day.


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