Before marriage, the bride should not forget to try these things, she may have to bear the loss

Bridal Wedding TipsThere are many preparations related to marriage, about which the family members of the bride and groom and they themselves are worried that everything will go well or not. This is a cause for concern. In fact, apart from the relatives of the deceased, both the boy and the girl are worried that there should be no shortage or mistake. That’s why today we are going to tell you some such tips that if done some time before marriage, you can enjoy your marriage with everyone by becoming stress free.

Let us know about the tips by which you can stay away from these stresses.

First test your look
On the wedding day, the boy and the girl give their whole life to look their best. For this, first of all, do not forget to try your dress before marriage. Yes, for the last fitting, do try your wedding dress once before your wedding. You may not have lost weight because of the diet you were following. Not only this, you must also try the hair do and makeup look once with the dress. So that if you want to make some changes in it, then you have time left.

try sandals too
The choice of sandals matters a lot. Actually, if your sandals do shoe bites somewhere, then you can get upset in the whole marriage, so try and see it beforehand. If you are not used to heels, then you should learn to walk on it some time ago.

Make sure to put luggage on the venue
Try that before the wedding, what items you will keep on the venue so that no one will have trouble finding the goods.

pack emergency kit
You must make two packs of wedding related items so that if there is any problem in getting the goods, then you can use another emergency kit. At the same time, you must keep your close ones by telling them about it. So that there will be no problem in finding him.

Tell all to a friend or planner
With your wedding planner, keep your friend informed about wedding planning in advance. This is the busiest day of the bridegroom, so it is not possible for him to see everything. So he will definitely take care of all these things.

sleep well
We understand that the tension of marriage is very high on the boy and the girl, but before marriage, it is necessary for you to get enough sleep.

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