“Behind the scenes of Hergé”, all these little details from Tintin’s albums that you missed, grouped together in a book

Patrick Mérand is a tintinophile from the start. Behind the scenes of Hergé (Éditions de l’Harmattan) brings together the work undertaken for ten years and already published in a series of thematic booklets. Former publisher, Patrick Mérand has been following in his hero’s footsteps for many years. He traveled to around 60 countries to check every detail of each album.

Like Tintin, Patrick Mérand is an investigator. And like Hergé, he leaves nothing to chance. For years, he has traveled the world and flea markets to unearth all the documents and monuments that have served as inspiration for the author during the 23 adventures of the most famous reporters.

The places, the objects, the means of transport, the architecture, the costumes … so many themes which are approached in the book. In which album can we see a Picasso painting? What historical event was Hergé inspired to create Ottokar’s Scepter ? Do the Chinese characters in The Blue Lotus have a meaning? These are some of the questions that are answered in the book. “I am not the first to have discovered certain things, explains the author, but sometimes I found things that not many people knew “.

“My goal is to make people want to read the albums again and keep reading and rereading them”. Patrick Mérand never tires of his passion, which he wants to pass on to as many people as possible. “You can read the Tintins ten times and still find things that you did not know”. So from 7 to 77 years old, this is a book that may interest more than one.

Behind the scenes of Hergé, by Partick Mérand (L’Harmattan editions) – 264 pages – 26.90 euros

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