Beijing Olympics: the first flakes of Zhangjiakou

By drawing aside their curtains this Saturday, February 12 in the morning, the participants of the Winter Olympics were surprised to welcome an exceptional guest: the snow.

Beijing Olympics: journalists under close surveillance

For the first time in the fortnight, the snowflakes fell for long hours, beaten by the wind. In front of the hotels, employees were busy with bamboo brooms to clear the road. The day before, salt had been put in some places.

different texture

It snows very rarely in this region north of Beijing and at the gates of Inner Mongolia, marked by a very severe drought. This first real snow is wet, more compact and conducive to snowballing, unlike the artificial snow on which these Games are based, similar to flour.

Beijing Olympics: the sacrifices of Chinese volunteers

My hotel overlooks a small ski resort – four ski lifts – abandoned during the Games. The slopes were losing their luster day by day, the artificial snow not having been renewed. They now find a white coat. Finally a little air of Winter Games in the Chinese mountains. Others are less happy: the technicians have to look for new combinations to adapt the skis to these new conditions. The real snowflakes should invite themselves to the Games several times in the days to come.


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