Being cheated breaks the relationship of love, recognize these signs of cheating

For revenge- It has often been seen that people start cheating on their partner with the idea of ​​getting angry and taking revenge. This feeling starts filling in the minds of people that my partner does not care about my needs or they feel that their partner is cheating on them, in such a situation they do such things to take revenge.

Getting in love with someone else- If you are in love with someone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love again. Often with time, mutual love starts decreasing and due to responsibilities, partners are not able to meet each other’s needs. In such a situation, if you become a friend after seeing someone again, then a person cannot stop himself.

Feeling Lonely- Finding time for relationships in a busy life is not an easy task. People often forget their partner in work and home affair. Because of this, the partner starts feeling lonely. In such a situation, this feeling starts in his mind that the partner does not care about him. When you get more care and love from another person, then the inclination towards him starts increasing and the situation comes to cheating.

Lack of physical intimacy- Physical intimacy is also essential in a relationship. Sometimes physical intimacy becomes negligible due to ageing, responsibilities and lack of love. Because of this, partners start feeling physical attraction towards someone else. In such a situation, the condition comes till cheating on your partner. 

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