Benefits of Onion: Eat raw onions in summer, many diseases including sunburn and constipation will go away

With the arrival of summer season, we need to take great care of our food and drink. Our slight carelessness in eating can put us in trouble. It is also difficult to get out of the house in strong sunlight and heat. The risk of sunburn and heatstroke is highest in the sun. But do you know that the onion used in every house saves you from the heat and keeps your stomach fit. Constipation and indigestion also goes away by eating onions. In the summer season, you should eat onions in the form of salad in the daily food.

Nutrients in Onions
Onion is an underground root vegetable, which contains a large amount of nutrients absorbed from the soil. The pungent taste and smell of onions is due to sulfur compounds. Antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and iron are also found in good amounts in onions. Onion keeps our body system clean. Quercetin found in onions is an antioxidant and fights harmful substances.

benefits of eating onions in summer

1-coolness in summer- Eating onions in summer is considered beneficial. Onion works to keep the body cool, as it has cooling properties. Onion contains volatile oil, due to which the temperature of the body remains under control. You can eat onions raw as a salad.

2- Indigestion and constipation away- The problem of indigestion and constipation also goes away by eating onions. Onion contains fiber and prebiotics which are very beneficial for gut health. Eating onions also strengthens the digestive system. At the same time, it also controls the level of cholesterol.

3- Prevents heat stroke- If you work in the sun for a long time. Then you may have a problem of heat stroke. To avoid this, you should eat raw onion daily. By eating onions, the body will get cool. You can use onion paste to treat heat stroke. You can apply onion paste on the forehead, behind the ears and on the chest.

4- Blood sugar and blood pressure control- Eating onions is also beneficial for diabetic patients. Onion has a glycemic index of 10, which is considered good for blood sugar patients. Onion contains less carbs and more fiber which is good for diabetic patients. At the same time, the potassium found in onions controls blood pressure.

5- Relaxation in sunburn- Onion is considered a panacea in summer. In summer, onion not only benefits your body but also keeps the skin and hair healthy. You can use onion juice on the skin in case of sunburn. This is a good treatment for sunburned skin. On the other hand, applying onion juice does not cause many problems related to hair.

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