Bertrand Piccard: “I have 1000 solutions to save the planet”

INTERVIEW – The doctor-explorer wants neither decrease nor waste. He defends responsible growth and presents his proposals to achieve it.

The president of the Solar Impulse foundation, a staunch defender of qualitative growth, has certified 1,000 solutions enabling businesses and citizens to preserve the environment.

LE FIGARO. – Has the last year accelerated or slowed down the climate transition?

Bertrand PICCARD. – The Covid epidemic has not been neutral for the environment, far from it. We have realized that the world before the pandemic was a fragile and vulnerable world and that we can no longer behave as a predator in the face of the environment. Man had the feeling of being stronger than nature: this Covid crisis is a lesson in humility. Another lesson, and not the least, the economic decline caused by confinement and the global crisis has destroyed millions of jobs, hundreds of thousands of businesses and led to enormous social suffering. Economic decline is absolutely not the solution to protect the environment. Third teaching,

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