Besançon: a “yellow vest” tears an official portrait of Emmanuel Macron and replaces it with a QR Code

An investigation for “theft, insult to a person holding public authority and degradation of public property” is opened.

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A “yellow vest” torn an official portrait of Emmanuel Macron which was hung in the town hall of Besançon, in the Doubs, and replaced it with a QR Code, reports France Bleu Besançon on Tuesday August 3. The city’s public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for theft, contempt of a person holding public authority and damage to public property.

A video was posted on a group of “yellow vests” on Facebook on Monday, showing a group of people entering Besançon town hall.

It then shows Stéphane Espic, a “yellow vest” who took part in several demonstrations in Paris, obtaining an official portrait of the President of the Republic, removing it from the frame and replacing it with a code in the form of a middle finger. The man then leaves the town hall and tears up the portrait then gives it to the security guards at the courthouse.

The prosecution specifies that the man is not known to the police.

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