Best year!

2020 was a very strange year. Confined, masked, tele-worked, bereaved. 2021 is starting and we all hope it will be good, in any case better. We wish an end to the waves of viruses and periods of curfews. A more peaceful year in hospitals, reunions with friends, family reunions, classes in university lecture halls. And then lunch at the restaurant, cinema screenings, evenings at the stadium. Do we want a job market that is picking up and a smoother year for the most vulnerable.

But more than good news, let us wish to find in us the internal resources to cross this new year, whether it is happy or more difficult. Because there will be good times; but difficulties will arise as well. “2021. How to find the essential”, offers our file of the week. This is a great program; let’s cultivate our inner strength and the rest will come as well. To stay calm in the face of uncertainty. Confident when the sirens of suspicion sing. Strong to disarm discouragement. Benevolent to ward off resentment. Determined and creative. Persevering in generosity and steadfast in justice.

In the big interview in this issue, Esther Duflo, Nobel Prize winner in economics, shares her conviction that“There is always something to do to change the world”. What a sensational prospect! With this in mind and after a promising launch, our newspaper is enthusiastically embarking on the New Year. Thank you to those who followed us from the start and welcome to those who joined us (La Croix L’Hebdo was obviously a popular Christmas present this year!). Other unexpected encounters are to come. But also great stories, debates and files that will delight you, surprise you, maybe irritate you sometimes, but in any case always allow you to form your own opinion. With zest of humor and poetry, beautiful moments of reading are emerging. Our promise for the new year remains to make a newspaper demanding on the quality of the information but also carrying hope and energy. With the whole team, I wish you a very happy new year 2021!


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