“Between Republicans, we risk nothing”, the disproportionate passion of Donald Trump fans

The president voted Thursday in Arizona. Always discreet, it is in Hummer, extra-large all-terrain vehicle inspired by a military model, that he went to the polling station. Sitting in the back, his eyes obscured by dark glasses, to shield him from the sun which was beating hard on Scottsdale, he was more sober than usual. Probably a little steeper too. But wearing a dark suit, a white shirt, and a red tie, he was quite true to himself. Two flags bearing his name fluttered in the wake of the imposing vehicle.

Once the car was parked, Trisha got out, followed by her companion, to enter the polling station – in Arizona, we have been voting since the beginning of the month. The two forties, professionals in the medical and paramedical sector, are convinced Republicans. And obviously proud of it: for several weeks, they have rarely left their homes without their life-size presidential rubber copy installed on the back of the Hummer. ” People take pictures of us, it’s fun, having fun Trisha. Well, sometimes we are insulted too … But I always have my gun with me. we never know “.

“Trump, we also take him out when we go boating”

The couple is – it is little to say it – unconditional of the tenant of the White House. ” He’s a businessman, he knows what to do explains Trisha after voting. He doesn’t say what he thinks people want to hear! He says how he sees it. I’m not going to see a doctor because he tells me what I want to hear … In the midst of a pandemic, and after more than 220,000 deaths, the parallel is a bit daring. But it is assumed: “ The Covid? This is a joke. We both had it… Nothing serious, the flu. Trump did the right thing: he closed the country’s borders “.

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Trisha and her companion are not content to play the regular drivers of the presidential double. They also make him enjoy the joys and attractions of the region, famous for its lakes. ” Trump, we take it out too when we go boating. There, it’s quieter. We’re among republicans, we don’t risk anything », Slips the young blonde woman before getting back into the Hummer.

As excessive as she is, Trisha is not alone. The disproportionate – and showy – passion of the president’s fans is one of the striking phenomena of this extraordinary campaign. The giant panels, the flags are very present along the American roads. Especially in the countryside, but not only. Provocation is obviously not the prerogative of the tenant of the White House.


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