“Between the waves”: a life-and-death friendship between two inseparable girlfriends in a funny and sensitive film

revealed in Divine which won her the César 2017 for Best Supporting Actress, Déborah Lukumuena, already starring in Robustis found in between the waves, a funny and sensitive tragicomedy, in theaters Wednesday, March 16. A second film byAnais Volpe, overpowered and removed.

Margot and Alma do the four hundred blows in Paris. Never without each other, they crunch life to the fullest, share their outings, their dreams, their jokes and disappointments while rushing forward without looking back. Until bad news that will turn their lives upside down.

between the waves depicts two girlfriends in a modest and atmospheric Paris. Anaïs Volpé captures the last days of innocence of the two young girls who will switch from carelessness to gravity. The young director, also a screenwriter, films a duo of actresses in tune: Déborah Lukumuena and Souheila Yacoub are overflowing with unfailing ardour. The major asset of the film.

This energy transpires throughout the film. Learning about the city intersects with learning about life. An urbanity that translates into a mobile but stable and controlled camera that enhances the actresses in their environment. The street, the shops, a nightclub, a room… and lots of looks, laughter, repartee, encounters, love, and above all complicity. Margot and Alma are in a state of grace.

The subject and the actresses dominate a film that breathes the spirit of the times, in the tradition of Klapisch and, before him, François Truffaut. The parents are absent, the school never represented, life is elsewhere. In oneself perhaps, with the other surely. Margot and Alma are “sista”, inseparable “sisters”. Usually synonymous with love, passion forbetween the waves exalts that of friendship.

The poster of"between the waves" by Anaïs Volpé (2022).  (KMBO)

Kind : Drama
Director: Anais Volpe
Actors : Souheila Yacoub, Deborah Lukumuena, Matthieu Longatte
Duration : 1h40
Country : France
Exit : March 16, 2022
Distributer : KMBO

Summary: Dream, go for it, fall, start again, dream again, and start again. They have the energy of their youth, its joy, its audacity, its carelessness. Two best friends, the desire to discover the world. Margot and Alma are unstoppable, inseparable.

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