Bharti Singh said a funny thing on bond with father-in-law, said – now they also sit together and cheer

Bharti Singh, who made everyone laugh with her comedy, is currently pregnant. She is enjoying her pregnancy phase openly. Bharti and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa shared Good News with fans in December 2021. Bharti and Harsh married on 3 December 2017 and now they have talked about their married life to relationship with father-in-law.

Bharti Singh recently joined the TV industry’s twin sisters Surbhi-Samriddhi i.e. Chinki-Minky’s show ‘Twinterview’. In the video, whatever questions Chinki-Minky asks Bharti Singh, Bharti gives funny answers to them. When she asked Bharti if two people had ever interviewed her together, Bharti said, ‘Yes, yes my mother-in-law.’

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Bharti Singh hails from a Punjabi family, while Harsh Limbachiyaa is a Gujarati. In such a situation, how did Bharti adjust herself to the Gujarati culture and customs? Chinky-Minky asked, ‘Harsh Jiju is from dry state and you are from drinking state, so have you never had a tu-tu, main-main between you?’ To this Bharti said, ‘No, no. Now that too has become a state drinking person. Now even father-in-law sits together and cheers.

Let us tell you that when Bharti Singh was 2 years old, her father had died. Bharti and her siblings were raised by the mother alone. Growing up, Bharti stepped into the world of comedy and became a ‘Lalli’.

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