Bhojpuri and Punjabi language ‘hit’ in the world of YouTube, popular video list of the year released

Like every year, YouTube has released a list of top creators and gaming as well as comedy videos that topped the charts in India for 2021 this year. The special thing this time is that the content of regional languages ​​has created a lot of panic. As a result of this, 2 Bhojpuri songs (Kunwara Mein Ganga Nahaile Bani, Nadi Biche Naiya Dole) and Punjabi songs (Pani- Pani, Barish Ki Jaye and Saiya Ji) are included in the top music videos.

Satya Raghavan, Director of YouTube Content Partnership of India, told in a special conversation with NBT that due to the Corona period, a lot of new has been seen this time. Satya told that now the content of small languages ​​is going viral. This is quite a good thing. We are also now focusing more on the regional. Apart from this, people watched a lot of health and motivational videos during the lockdown. During this, a search was done till ‘Crisis Cooking’. In this, people searched what kind of food should be eaten in lockdown so that the mood is good. These were very different trends of 2021.

According to the list released for 2021, gaming levels have risen significantly, with female breakout creators and shorts creators doing quite well. At the same time, the 40-minute long horror-comedy zombie apocalypse short film ‘Hashtag 1’ from ‘Round2Hell’ became the trending video in the top trending video. This is the first time that people have liked horror comedy. Millions of people have seen it so far.

Raghavan said that earlier most of the content was coming from Mumbai, Delhi and other big cities. But now the trend is changing. YouTube is getting very good content from South India as well as people from Punjab and small towns in North India are creating their account. Talking about 2022, Satya told that now his target will be on new languages ​​as well as the shorts which have been launched only a year have to be taken on a different platform. People are giving a lot of love to the shorts format.

Also in the 2021 list are Bhuvan Bam’s (Bibi Ki Vines) web series ‘Dhindora’, Telugu channels Filmymoji and Funmoji, The Viral Fever (TVF) web-show ‘Aspirants’, Dice Media’s ‘Operation MBBS’ and ‘Clutch’ , Telugu shows like ’30 Weds 21′ like Girl Formula and Suriya Shanmukh Jaswant in the lead, have emerged as some of the top shows on YouTube this year.


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