Bigg Boss 14: Everything is pre-planned, if not sure then consider these 6 things in 6 weeks

About 6 weeks have passed since ‘Bigg Boss 14’ started. Everything is happening at home from wild card entry to nomination and eviction. By now, almost every viewer must have made someone a favorite. Some viewers will be changing their opinion after listening to Salman Khan’s talk in ‘Weekend Ka War’. But something is also happening in the show, which makes it seem that everything is pre-planned. Yes, there have been 6 such occasions in at least 6 weeks, when it is revealed that what is happening on the show is already thought out and planned. Let us make it clear that here we are talking about a contestant not on the show, but on the show and that is Rahul Vaidya.

First week: somber boy, speaking on important things

You might not believe it, but the way Rahul Vaidya is playing at home, it is feared that he has already come up with everything. He is either a mastermind himself or his PR people have learned and sent him here. Let us start with the first week. Rahul Vaidya took entry into the house. While some members were seen as super-active, Rahul Vaidya was seen as a low-talker, not a tad confused, a member of a debate only when he was questioned. That is, a person who speaks only on important things. Does not complicate much. Does not obstruct the leg in other cases. The effect of this was that Rahul was in the bottom three of the most active members. But the advantage was that Rahul’s image started to become a serious and intelligent person.

Week 2: Sobar becomes an entertainer

The second week started. Rahul entertained more in the garden task. That is, Rahul, sitting in a quiet corner in the house, impressed Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan so much that both of them got convinced. Then, to dress like girls, to dance or to dress in a purple towel. Rahul did everything. The result was that Rahul, who was still calm and walking with somber image, also became an entertainer. In the case of friends, Rahul starts talking to everyone, but no one can trust him completely. This was then accepted by his special friends Nishant Malkani, John Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli.

Week 3: ‘Jigar Wale’ raised ‘nepotism’ issue

By the third week, everyone’s mercury had reached Rahul. After Salman’s class, Rahul increased his quarrels and baktahi so much that it seemed that he would be evicted. But Rahul played the trump card here. He raised the issue of nepotism in the nomination round. The issue that was not needed there. That too for that John Kumar Sanu whom he had been telling his friend for two weeks. Now, even though he was thrashed inside the house due to this reason, Rahul became a star on social media. Salman whipped Rahul, but Rahul managed to garner votes. On social media, Rahul was described as a ‘jigar wala’, as he was inside the house questioning Bigg Boss itself. Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans also became a part of Rahul.

Fourth week: Marathi language and Jasmin’s anger

Due to the nepotism case, Rahul had now got the lost vote bank of the audience. It was needed now. Two things happened here. Rahul did not say both these things, but he did well. John Kumar Sanu made a mistake on the Marathi issue. Jaan said something that hurt the Marathi community. Consequently, Rahul, who spoke Marathi with life, benefited. Marathi votes started getting Rahul. In the same way, Jasmin Bhasin created a quarrel about the matter of Fijool. Public support got to Rahul here too, because Jasmin had overreacted.

Week five: now only wanted full respect

Rahul, who wanted to be respected, got a big advantage in the fifth week. However, this was also unexpected. Nikki Tamboli kept the mask in pants with oxygen mask. If Rahul wanted, he could have been removed from there by citing the game. But it was his goodness that he did not do it. As a result, Salman Khan also praised Rahul. Overall, in the fourth and fifth week, Bhai earned full respect.

Week 6: ‘Begum’ trick to win heart

At the start of the sixth week, Rahul put forward his ‘Begum’ after Trump’s ace. History is witness that the romantic angle plays very well in ‘Bigg Boss’. Remember, Rahul had said with the entry in the house that he has no girlfriend. More or less Rahul tried to make love angles with Nikki Tamboli and Jasmin Bhasin, but not Dal. In such a situation, in the sixth week, Rahul put forward his ‘Begum’. Proposed Disha Parmar for marriage in front of everyone on National TV. He also said that he was waiting for an answer.

See what happens next

Now let’s start from the beginning – the boy is somber, he speaks only when needed. Is an entertainer. One with liver. Respect has also been found. And now Begum too. Overall Package. Now let’s see what happens next.


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