Bigg Boss 15, 21 Nov 2021 Weekend Ka Vaar: Prateek – Karan’s dirty fight, Bharti-Harsh leave the show

In the episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ that came on Sunday in ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa created a ruckus. At first, Bharti had a lot of fun with Salman Khan on the stage and then went inside the house and attacked the family members with sharp questions. At the same time, John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar also came to promote their film ‘Satyamev Jayate’. John and Divya had a lot of fun with Salman.

At the same time, Bharti and Harsh got the family members to do a fun task, in which they would get luxury items on winning. Bharti and Harsh got another task done, in which the family members had to vent their anger towards each other and slap the board. Neha was called first. Neha said that she feels like slapping Prateek hard at times and hence she slaps foam filled Prateek. After this Neha was asked some more questions. Similarly, other contestants were also called and asked questions and asked to slap them.

After this Karan Kundrra was called and some questions were asked. Karan Kundrra said that Nishant is not trustworthy at all and he manipulates everyone. Nishant felt bad about these things and became emotional. Karan also took out anger on Prateek in this task.

When Prateek’s turn came, Bharti asked him which member of this house is not fit to live in the house. So Prateek takes Karan’s name and slaps him full of foam on his face. Later, when Prateek takes Tejashwi’s name on the question of running away from work, Karan confronts him. Karan starts abusing Prateek. Prateek tells him not to abuse, but Karan does not stop. The rest of the family members start to intervene between the two. Nishant drags Prateek and takes him inside. Bharti gets nervous seeing Prateik and Karan fight. Bharti and Harsh walk out of the show leaving the entire task in the middle. He said that no one would have ever done such promotion like his show.

Later Tejashwi comes to confront Prateek and starts provoking him. Prateek denies them again and again but Tejashwi doesn’t listen.


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