Bigg Boss 15: Gauahar Khan came in support of Prateek Sahajpal, said- mistake is most…

‘Bigg Boss 15’ is slowly gaining its momentum. The first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ of this season has happened and Salman Khan fiercely classed Pratik Sehajpal. Actually, Prateek Sahajpal broke the bathroom lock last week when Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath. Since then, he has faced a lot of criticism. Prateek Sahajpal has cried a lot after Salman Khan’s scolding. At the same time, actress and ‘Bigg Boss 7’ winner Gauahar Khan has supported Prateek Sahajpal.

Gauahar Khan made several back-to-back tweets in support of Prateek Sahajpal. Gauahar Khan tweeted and wrote, ‘But the lock seems to be from inside, doesn’t it? People lock from inside to take bath, if you remove the latch from outside, how does the lock inside open? In this way, even knocking from outside opens the door many times.

The user did not agree with Gauahar Khan. She tweeted and wrote, ‘Gauhar you are missing the point. It was not about opening the door, it is about feelings, a person is taking a bath and someone breaks the lock from outside. Responding to this, Gauahar Khan wrote, ‘Oh come on, when someone knocks from outside like friends do jokingly then it is more dangerous. And this has been done over several seasons. Please see.’

Another user also did not like Gauahar Khan and tweeted about it. The user wrote, ‘Didn’t expect such a thing from you. How can you tell about the person who was trying to break the lock of the door during someone’s bath? She was also a girl. To this Gauahar Khan replied and wrote, ‘First of all you see the episode, he was not breaking the door, he was taking out the lock on the door, which was not locked. Half the information is the problem.

Gauahar Khan wrote in another tweet, ‘Mistakes are the most, but on the basis of that stamp someone’s career or his condition that he will only be able to go from reality show to reality show. This will be a disappointing thing for the young man. Yes, Prateek is aggressive in his game plan but I expect him to improve his behaviour.


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