‘Bigg Boss 15’: Karan Kundrra was shocked by not reaching the top 2, said- trust in himself was broken

In ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Karan Kundrra was considered as the strongest contender as the winner of the show. The ending turned out to be quite different from what he or his fans had been thinking with the show. Karan’s fans loved him a lot because of his game plan and was the most headline-grabbing contestant. He was not even in the top 2 on the grand finale of the show and Karan was very disappointed with this. Karan has spoken to Times of India about his feelings for Tejashwi and about not winning the grand finale after coming out of the show.

‘I was shocked to learn that I was not even in the top 2’
Karan said, ‘I wanted to win the show. I was shocked to learn that I was not even in the top 2. I wanted to be on stage with Tejashwi. Even Salman Bhai was surprised by this. He told me- Karan, I think half the people of the country will be shocked at this time. Yes, I was a bit sad in the beginning and lost confidence in myself, but I have promised my fans that I will be back soon. I have said in every show that it is a journey, not a destination and I think my journey has been wonderful. In Bigg Boss he met the most amazing girl on earth, got a good friend like Umar Riaz and came out with the immense love he got from his fans. I am very happy right now.

Something like this started bonding with Tejashwi
In this conversation, Karan also said some things about his bonding with Tejashwi Prakash. Yes, Karan has found his love in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. This bonding between the two started only after entering their house. About how their relationship flourished on this show, Karan said, ‘To be honest, I really don’t knowKaran Kundrra Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra a bit disappointed, Karan Kundrra Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra about win, ‘Bigg Boss 15 In ‘ Karan Kundrra, said on relationship with Tejashwi, Tejashwi reached Karan Kundrra’s house, how we fell in love with each other. Infact last night we were discussing these things too and Tejashwi didn’t even know anything about it.

‘At times I felt that I was staring at Tejashwi’
He further said, ‘Initially I thought this girl is crazy, but she is cute and I like her very much. Several times I found myself staring at him. Then I would tell myself that I didn’t come here for this, I want to play the game and then I started ignoring it. He felt that I was showing his attitude and he stopped talking to me. Don’t know what was going on, both of us were fighting with these feelings, but whatever was happening was happening naturally. I told him that I was not ignoring him, I was shy. Then I shared my feelings with him on the show and I am glad I did.

‘Tejashwi reached my house at 5:30 am’
He also said, ‘Tejashwi had neither my address nor my phone number. But as soon as she came out of Bigg Boss, instead of enjoying her victory with her family, she asked the production people to leave her at my house. I was asleep and she reached my house at 5:30 in the morning. It was such a lovely moment. It was a habit to spend time with her and now when she is not with me, I miss her a lot.


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