Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Promo release of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Salman Khan was seen roaming in the forest and talked to the tree

Popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is currently entertaining people fiercely on OTT. Meanwhile, good news has come for the people. Actually, season 15 of ‘Bigg Boss’ is going to start on TV soon. This season is going to be hosted by Salman Khan. The promo of the show (Bigg Boss 15 Promo) has come out, seeing that the curiosity of the fans of ‘Bigg Boss’ and Salman Khan has increased.

Colors TV has shared the promo of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ on its Instagram page. In the promo, Salman Khan is seen in a forest and the voice of Rekha comes in the background, what is this place friends. Then Salman Khan says that this is my question. Then the voice of Rekha comes from the side of the tree that Salman recognized. On this, Salman says that ‘world listens to the tree’ and touches the feet of the tree. On this the tree ie Rekha says, keep living.

The caption accompanying the promo of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ read, ‘What is happening? Bigg Boss 15 is coming soon. Looking at the promo of the show, it seems that this time the theme of the show can be based on the jungle. It may also happen that the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ should be designed according to the jungle. Let us tell you that till now ‘Bigg Boss’ OTT platform Voot is being telecast 24 hours. Karan Johar is hosting ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

It is being told that ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ is going to end in four and a half weeks and by the end of it, whatever contestants are left in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Rekha will introduce them to ‘Bigg Boss 15’ host Salman Khan. She will try to convince Salman Khan by telling the strengths and weaknesses of the contestants that why he should be a part of ‘Bigg Boss 15’.


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