Bigg Boss 15: Rashmi and Abhijeet had a fierce fight, Devoleena said – I will pick up the slippers and kill them

It is said that the deeper the friendship, the deeper the enmity. Something similar is being seen between the wildcard contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Devoleena and Rashmi Desai (Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee). The friendship of the two, which started from season 13, has been badly shattered in this show. Every day there is a fight between the two regarding one or the other issue. In the coming episodes, both of them clashed badly in the task to be sent to jail.

Actually, Bigg Boss had given a task, in which the family members had to name one member, who would go to jail. On this, most people took the name of Devoleena and also told the reason for it. Abhijeet Bichkule also took the name of Devo and said that she did not live up to their friendship. To this, Devo said that whenever the need arose, she stood by the middleman. In anger, she replied to the bitchkule, ‘I will kill you by picking up slippers, remember.’

After this Devoleena tells Rashmi Desai, ‘You want some pony in every season. If she had given out the statement that you have given here, she would have hit you a lafaa.’ On this Rashmi angrily says that Devoleena needs people, not her. Not only this, Rashmi even tells Devo to be insecure. She says, ‘You are a liar, drop four tears. Today I speak to you, Insecure women.

The matter escalates so much that the whole house comes to the rescue between the two. Both climb on the table to fight. During this, while Rajiv is seen holding Rashmi, Umar and Prateek try to make Devo go away. Now what is the whole matter, it will be seen in today’s show.

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