Bigg Boss-15: Tejashwi was upset with Karan’s action in ‘Ticket to Finale’, said- I would never do this

‘Ticket to Finale’ has started in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. In this, the contestants are ready to put every relationship on hold to get the ticket. Obviously everyone has to win. But there are some such relationships, where even the audience did not expect that they would sacrifice themselves to get the ticket. Because you have a belief that if you want to do so, then there is no fear. But in the case of Tejashwi and Karan, the greed for tickets increased so much that he created a situation like sacrificing the relationship.

In fact, the non VIPs had to carry each other’s bags and climb a ladder and the member they wanted to exclude from the race had to empty the bag completely. In such a situation, Karan emptied Tejashwi’s bag. As seen in the promo of the upcoming episode on December 8, Prateek is seen carrying Tejasswi’s bag. And Karan empties the whole bag. Tejashwi gets angry on this. She says, ‘Karan, you have removed my name. If I had been in your place, I would never have removed it. On this Karan says that ‘I speak on my face that I have removed. You were walking in your swagger. To this Tejashwi replies, ‘So you don’t even know me, my relationships don’t change.’

Karan says, ‘It is not working, it is important week. I don’t think we are on the same pitch. On this Tejashwi points out, ‘We will not be able to move forward!’ On this, Karan agrees and says, ‘Do whatever you want to do, with whom you have to play the game. You are very week when it comes to relationship. On this Tejashwi angrily says, ‘You have proved this’.

Let us tell you that the relationship between the two is getting sour for the last few days. Karan has openly talked to Tejashwi about whether she will ditch him after the show! However, Teja’s family members have no problem with their relationship. His brother has clarified this point as well. But trust issues keep happening between these two. Well, the whole picture will be clear only after watching today’s episode, so stay tuned.

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