‘Bigg Boss’ also became emotional on Rakhi Sawant’s departure from the show, said – this relationship will never end

‘Bigg Boss 15’ is at its final stage and now the contestants are making their last bets in the finale battle. In this game yesterday, 7 contestants are now seen working hard for their victory. However, today’s show proved to be the last show for Rakhi Sawant and she had to leave from here.

The contestants of the show have played a lot till now, but now it is time to see what the world thinks of them and who is above whom. Actually, in the latest episode of this show, the audience who came to the house got the task of impressing. The further journey of the contestants was also decided on the points found in this task.

Everyone put all their efforts to collect numbers from the audience. While Karan and Tejashwi enthralled the audience with their chemistry, Shamita, Rakhi Sawant also put in their best. During this, there was a lot of applause on the romance of Tejashwi and Karan.

Based on the performance of all the contestants, the audience also gave them numbers. Nishant stood first with the highest score (38.5) points, Karan Kundrra with the second (37 points), Tejashwi with the third (34), Prateek with the fourth (32 points) and (32) points. Rashmi Desai was with her. Talking about the lowest score, Shamita Shetty got only 31.5 points while Rakhi could get only 30.5 points less than her.

As a result, Rakhi Sawant had to be eliminated from this house despite entertaining everyone by becoming a ghost. Telling Rakhi Sawant about this elimination, Bigg Boss said that the audience wants that your journey from this house never ends and if you become the winner then this journey will end. Giving best wishes for the future, ‘Bigg Boss’ asked Rakhi Sawant to leave the house, after which she also cried.


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