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Matthew Sanders

Born in Paris in 1979, Matthieu Sanders followed a first course in political science, before studying theology at the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology (FLTE) of Vaux-sur-Seine (Yvelines). Senior pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Paris-Center (7e) since January 2018, he has been an associate professor at the Biblical Institute of Nogent and lecturer at the FLTE. Married and father of three children, he is notably the author ofIntroduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (1).

Dominique zeier

Bio express

Born in 1985 not far from Zurich (Switzerland), Dominique Zeier has lived in France since 2010. After obtaining her canonical baccalaureate in theology in 2020 at the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP), she is currently in the second cycle of theology at the faculties Jesuits from the Center Sèvres, where she studies the transmission of faith in digital culture. Since 2017, she has been working for “Prie en chemin”, a prayer application offered by the Jesuits.


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