Bioethics law: demonstrations by opponents and counter-demonstrations bring together thousands of people in several cities

Two days before the second reading of the bioethics bill in the Senate, demonstrations against the text brought together a few thousand demonstrators in several cities in France, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January, including about a thousand in front of the ministry Health Sunday according to AFP journalists on the spot.

These rallies, at the initiative of the Marchons enfants collective to which La Manif pour tous belongs, gave rise to counter-demonstrations, which sometimes brought together more people.

In Lyon, Sunday, a person was arrested for a projectile throw, according to the prefecture, during the face to face between 1,250 demonstrators and 350 counter-demonstrators, according to the count of the authorities (the organizers claimed 3,000 participants).

A text adopted by the Assembly in August

Saturday, in Rennes, the police used tear gas and water cannons in the face of the 600 counter-demonstrators, to separate them from the 250 participants in the anti-bioethics law rally. On Twitter, the Ille-et-Vilaine police said they had arrested three people among the counter-demonstrators, for violence against the police, rebellion, contempt and throwing projectiles.

In Angers, the two opposing gatherings brought together around 900 people each according to the prefecture. Slight incidents broke out between the two camps, and the police used tear gas. According to the prefecture, two arrests took place in the ranks of the counter-demonstration.

In Paris, the rally went smoothly, and protesters chanted slogans like “Paternity is not an option, and motherhood is not a benefit” or “Macron, your law, we don’t want it”, and expressed their opposition to the enlargement of PMA and surrogacy.

The bioethics bill, which provides for the opening of assisted reproduction to all women and does not deal with surrogacy, had been adopted at second reading by the National Assembly on August 1.

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