Bitter rose

In 1981, Maurice Achard, journalist with Literary News, published Clean slate, a novel of the present moment, loaded with hope, on the arrival of the left in power. Forty years later, gone blind, he puts his character back on stage, “An old amnesiac” picked up on the evening of May 10, 1981 near the Bastille, this time flanked by the author. His two acolytes, deprived of one look at the other of memory, wander, chuckling, in the neighborhoods haunted by this close past.

One question dominates this walk in the land of ghosts. “How to be on the left when you are on the left? “ Very current question. And another : “Where are the friends now? “ Maurice Achard discerns, if we dare say it, with clairvoyance the black holes of the time. What remains of the famous ” Change the life “ What did the election of Mitterrand promise, reduced today to hazy debates? This Pink table resonates like the bitter toll of a generation, the sum of its lost illusions.

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