Bloating is caused by the formation of gas in the stomach, so it is easy and effective Ayurvedic treatment.

Bloating usually occurs due to the formation of gas in the stomach. This common problem happens to most people. However, it indicates a weak gut system and measures are needed to prevent blotting. Experts say that if you do not treat it, you may face involution. There are many medicines in the market for its treatment, but you can also opt for home remedy. Its biggest advantage is that you will not have any kind of side effects.

Ayurveda cure blotting

Ayurveda expert Dr Deeksha Bhavsar has shared some home remedies. These can help in combating bloating. He told on Instagram, “One of the symptoms of poor gut health is blotting. Although the option of early treatment for relief from blotting is not bad or wrong, but you need to find the cause and treatment for permanent relief from your disease.” Will be needed. ” He has given some solutions.

Many tips will be tried

Use half a teaspoon of celery and rock salt with hot water after 45 minutes of eating.
Drink mint water throughout the day.
Use cardamom water after one hour of eating.
Drink tea of ​​cumin, coriander, fennel seeds three times a day after meals or before.
Avoid drinking too much water right after eating and avoid heavy food.

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