Blois: auction of Nazi objects canceled

About ten helmets from the Waffen-SS, numerous skull belts, medals and pennants with swastikas, a Militia flag … About thirty emblematic objects of the Third Reich, which were to be sold to auction in Blois (Loir-et-Cher) January 16, were withdrawn from the sale, AFP learned Saturday January 9 from the organizing auction house.

“We have withdrawn these items from sale even if the law allows us to do so”, indicated the Blésoise study Pousse-Cornet, organizer of a sale “militaria”, specifying that the insignia bearing the effigy of the Nazi regime had been hidden on the sales catalog, in accordance with the law.

An auction of Nazi objects scheduled for Friday 8 in Albi (Tarn) and another scheduled for Saturday in Soisson (Aisne) have also been canceled.

“There were three such sales last week”, underlines a whistleblower who calls himself Axel and tracks all auctions of Nazi objects. Screenshots in support, this lawyer criticizes the Blésoise study for not having masked all the badges, recalling that “may own and sell these items, but not display them”. “There is a surge in the sale of this type of harmful object and a strong demand from so-called collectors”, according to this whistleblower who judges that “intolerable” and cites as an example the sale of an Adolf Hitler jacket for 275,000 euros a few years ago in Germany, or a box of Zyklon B.

Asked by AFP, historian and lawyer Serge Klarsfled, who works with the lawyer to prevent these sales, explains that he has no objection to the sale of military objects that come from the German regular army. “But the public exhibition, especially via the internet, of Nazi symbols such as the SS emblem or the swastika, should be reserved for serious museums”, he underlines, adding that there is “unfortunately a fascination for a period when Europe wanted to rule the world through Germany and which is then expressed in the desecration of cemeteries. The great mass of people who buy are people fascinated by Nazism and the purchase of these emblems can only strengthen them in an ideology that has been criminal “, he warns.

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