Bobby Deol broke his silence on Nepotism, said – I have been in depression for three years, my life was immersed in sorrow

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol’s ‘Love Hostel’ was a hit. In this show, he played the role of killer Vijay Singh Dagar. His strong performance is being praised everywhere, but in his career spanning two decades, Bobby has also seen failure. He has now talked about the difficult phase of his life, when he went into depression. Along with this, he has also opened many secrets regarding nepotism and his wrong decisions.

Talking to, the ‘Soldier’ ​​actor made many revelations from battling depression to choosing the wrong career. He said, ‘I am lucky and blessed that I was born in the house of my father and mother. I did not choose this family, rather I was born here and it is not my fault. I really believe that no matter whether a person is from any family, whether in the film industry or outside, if people do not want to see you, they will not. When I started my career, people loved to see me on screen and that’s why I got the job. If I didn’t get love in my first film, I wouldn’t have got work so easily. I kept getting work. I gave hit after hit, but then I made some wrong choices. Things didn’t work out and I didn’t get work. If we see like this, if Papa is a legend in the industry, then I would have worked all the time. So in every industry a father cannot help his son when he fails.

Talking about the depression, Bobby said, ‘For 3 years I was completely lost in my sorrows. Go yourself Only one person helped me to get out of this bar and that was myself. Your family can support you for the rest of your life, but they can’t stand you up and send you to work. So I had to start trusting myself. I am sad to see that my family is getting sad seeing me in such condition. Then something came to my mind and I said to myself… I have to prepare myself because they are the fans who still want to see me in films. It was just that I had to start believing in myself and I tried to stay positive. It was difficult then. This is still difficult. Though people are appreciating my work now, it is always difficult for an actor.

Bobby Deol further said, ‘My journey has made me a better person and a better actor. I have seen many ups and downs in my life. I think of myself better now than I did 10 or 15 years ago. So I have learned a lot from my entire journey.

Talking about the workfront, Bobby Deol will soon be seen in many projects. It stars ‘Animal’, ‘Apne 2’ and Netflix’s Penthouse with Ranbir Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Anil Kapoor in the lineup.


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