Body Painting Day: Artists show art on their body, know its history

Body Painting Day: Body Painting Day is celebrated every year on 8th July. This day is celebrated to show the importance of body painting. Its main purpose is to show a work of art and self-expression. On this day people paint their bodies with paint. People hang out in public with their bodies painted in different designs and colours.

History of Body Painting Day

Andy Golub started Body Painting Day on this day in the year 2007. He started it from New York City and was the first to be arrested for it. However, after some time they were abandoned as it was considered as an art form.

In 2008, the body painting event was organized publicly for the first time. At that time, models were seen wearing G-strings. However, Golub used fully nude male and female models for the first time in 2011. The models whose bodies were decorated were not professional models.

importance of body painting day

Body Painting Day is a very important day for those who love art. Its importance is to change your attitude towards nudity. It has nothing to do with a person’s sexuality. Body painting is like a 3D artwork. It tells about the person which is made on his body.

Although the Body Painting Day, which started from New York, has not yet reached many places. On this day, people come with body paint all over their body and celebrate the art form. Along with New York, the festival has now been formally celebrated in the cities of Amsterdam since 2015, San Francisco since 2016, and Berlin since 2017.

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