Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal shares son’s first photo with fans, what is the name

These days the season of happiness has come in the house of Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal. On May 22, he gave birth to a son (Shreya Ghoshal Son First Photo). Shreya herself shared this good news on social media. Now he has shared the first photo of the son with the fans. Along with this, Shreya and her husband Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay have also given information about the naming of the son. Both have named the son (Shreya Ghoshal Son Name) Devyaan Mukhopadhyay.

‘Devyaan changed our lives’

In the photo shared by Shreya on Twitter, a little guest is seen in her lap, while Shiladitya is also looking at the son with loving eyes. Shreya wrote in the tweet, ‘Introducing – ‘Devyaan Mukhopadhyay’ He came on 22 May and changed our lives forever. That first glimpse, as soon as he was born, filled our hearts with the love only a mother can feel for her child. Totally uncontrollable and overwhelming.

What is the meaning of Devayana
Shreya has named her son Devyaan. It means chariot of the gods. However, it also has another meaning to serve the gods.

Welcome cake ordered for son

Shreya had earlier also shared a photo on Instagram Story, in which she was seen celebrating the joy of Devyaan’s arrival. He shared a photo of a beautiful and delicious looking cake. He wrote in the caption, ‘Welcome cake for our son.’

Thank you for blessing ‘Khushiyon Ki Potli’

After the birth of the son, Shreya shared this happiness with the fans on Instagram. Then he wrote while giving the good news, ‘Shiladitya and I are very happy with our families. Thank you for your innumerable blessings for our little ‘Khushiyon Ki Potli’. Shreya was also constantly sharing her maternity diary on social media. She told on March 4 that she is pregnant. Since then, she has been sharing many videos and photos on Instagram.


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