Bombay High Court told Sushant Singh Rajput that he was a good man, he was innocent by face

The Bombay High Court has reserved the decision to quash Rhea Chakraborty’s FIR against the sisters of Sushant Singh Rajput. The court praised Sushant before passing judgment and said that he was a good person.

Court said, Sushant was innocent
Riya Chakraborty lodged an FIR against Sushant’s sister Priyanka, Mitu and a doctor. Riya alleged that Sushant’s sisters were giving them anti-depressant medicines without consulting the doctor. The sisters had petitioned for the cancellation of the FIR. The court reserved the verdict. The Bombay High Court said, Sushant Somber was innocent and a very good person. His face only showed that he is Innocent.

Sushant case: Bombay High Court reserved verdict on Ria Chakraborty’s plea for cancellation of FIR
Lawyer said – Riya herself under investigation
Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh said, Riya’s FIR was a ‘counter case’ as he himself is under the scanner of the CBI. He told that Riya has told three different stories. Riya has also agreed that she blocked Sushant and there could be a reason for his upset.


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