Boys ask these questions in arranged marriage, you have to answer smartly

Arrange Marriage: Even today, most of the people in India prefer to do arranged marriages. This is part of our culture. Young people still choose their life partner according to the choice of their parents. Even though nowadays there is an era of love, online dating and love affairs, but when it comes to marriage, many people like to do arranged marriages with the choice of family members.

In such a situation, boys doing arranged marriages answer many types of questions from girls. What does the girl like? What are his dreams? What does she want to do next and many more. Sometimes such questions are also asked which are difficult to answer. Most of the girls are asked such questions. Today we are telling you some questions and answers asked by girls in arranged marriage. Let’s know.

What is the need of job after marriage?
Often people ask girls whether the boy earns a lot. You don’t need to work after marriage. But a girl can also have dreams of doing a job like a boy. Nowadays girls are taking part in expenditure, responsibility and other works shoulder to shoulder with the boys. In such a situation, if someone asks you this question, then tell him in clear words about doing your job, being self-dependent.

Will you lose some weight?
Girls growing up for a long time are considered to be the definition of beauty. In such a situation, when it comes to arranged marriage, people like only such a girl who is skinny. If a little fat girl likes. So she is asked to lose weight before marriage. Although being fit is a good thing, but talking like this before marriage can make any girl feel embarrassed. It is not right to do so.

Are you virgin?
Many people ask such questions, which girls feel embarrassed to answer. Some boys ask the future wife questions about her being a virgin. If your marriage is fixed and if you talk openly about your further married life then it is good. But if you will decide the relationship only after the boy and the girl are virgin, then asking this question is wrong.

Do you intend to delay having a child?
Many times the girl is also questioned about family planning. However, this is a mutual decision of the boy and the girl. Many times people give birth late, due to which some difficulties can also arise. This is the reason why parents often ask such a question. However, there is no point in asking such questions only to the girl.

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