Brazil: an investigation opened against Jair Bolsonaro in a case of attempted corruption

The Brazilian far-right president is accused of having oput to report an attempted corruption in the purchase of vaccines against the Covid-19.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to see his management of the pandemic harming him. On Friday July 2, the Brazilian prosecution opened an investigation into charges against him for failing to report an attempted corruption in the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines. The Head of State is thus suspected of having turned a blind eye to suspicions of corruption reported by an official of the Ministry of Health.

Testifying before a Senate commission of inquiry (ICC), the latter said he had suffered “atypical pressures” to approve the importation of doses of the Indian vaccine Covaxin that it considered to be overcharged. “The President of the Republic took no action after being warned of a gigantic network of corruption within the Ministry of Health”said ICC Vice President Randolfe Rodrigues, one of three senators to have taken the Supreme Court to “prevarication” (serious breach of an official) of the Head of State, “an offense provided for by the penal code”.

Jair Bolsonaro was already under fire in Brazil. Another ICC has been hearing for two months on how its government handled the health crisis and its more than half a million deaths. But after the filing on Wednesday in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies of a “great request for impeachment” for his denial in the face of the scale of the pandemic, his anti-confinement speech or the delays in the acquisition of vaccines.

This scandal could cause considerable political damage for an elected president by promising to eradicate corruption, and whose image has already been strongly tarnished by his chaotic management of the health crisis. On Saturday, the opposition called for the third day of mobilization since the end of May to demand his departure.

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