Breast milk: premature babies, full term babies and mothers, everyone wins

DECRYPTION – Premature babies are the main beneficiaries of breastfeeding and breast milk is part of their care.

This is, according to the World Health Organization, “An unrivaled means of providing ideal nutrition for healthy growth and development in infants”, who “Is an integral part of the reproductive process” and a “Significant effects on the health of the mother”. The thing no longer needs to be demonstrated: if manufacturers have been able to develop good quality milk, nothing like breast milk, at least during the first six months of life.

The beneficiaries are undoubtedly premature babies. “There is even a dose effect: the more breast milk the premature baby receives during his hospitalization, the better his development is., assures the Pr Jean-Charles Picaud, head of the neonatal resuscitation service at the Croix-Rousse hospital in Lyon and president of the Association des lactariums de France. It is also beneficial in preventing certain complications linked to prematurity such as ulcerative necrotizing enterocolitis (sudden inflammation of the intestine). ” Reduced breast milk

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