Bruce Sprinsgteen releases “Letter To You”: “It’s Not United America He’s Singing”

With less than two weeks of the presidential election, one of America’s greatest voices is heard again this Friday: Bruce Springsteen and his new album, “Letter To You”, recorded with the E Street Band. At 71, is there still a voice that carries the hopes of an America left aside?

Since it’s all about the voice, hers is more than vibrant, heartbreaking. The “Boss” works it now, more than before, in all its nuances. Even more, perhaps, on this album which marks the return of the legendary E Street Band, recorded in four days at his ranch in New Jersey.

His 20th album, Letter To YouBruce Springsteen therefore wanted it more personal, exploring the past. But while he allowed Joe Biden to use his very symbolic hit The Rising for his campaign, the Boss is rather low-key in his songs, whereas in the past (Nebraska, Born In The USA or The Rising, precisely, being his most political trilogy) he did not hesitate to let out his anger. The reason ? He shared it in an interview with host and reporter Zane Lowe for Apple Music (below, from 54’00).

I always try to chronicle my time as best I canBruce springsteen

To understand this position, we turn to Belkacem Bahlouli, editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone and author of Bruce Springsteen Cover (editions of Layeurs). For him, “we are more into allegory, like Bob Dylan in 1967 with John Wesley Harding. ”In fact, Bruce Springsteen, the voice of the“ blue collar ”, the icon of the forgotten, suffers like many from the divide that has taken place in recent years in his country.

There’s a lot of mistrust, you don’t talk to your neighbor anymore, and that’s not the united America that Bruce Springsteen sings aboutBelkacem Bahlouli, editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone

And in this, no doubt – and he repeats it sufficiently with each intervention, he who has always been committed alongside Barack Obama for example -, the America of which Bruce Springsteen dreams is definitely not that of Donald Trump, as it was not that of George W. Bush. Even if his songs take other paths.

Bruce Springsteen, the voice of a fractured America? | Yann Bertrand’s report

Bruce Springsteen, Letter To You (Columbia). Album available.

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