Burn-out: “All positive emotions disappear”

MAINTENANCE – No one is immune to burnout. Can we prevent it? How do you know if you have it? How to cure it ? Answers with a specialist.

Dr Frédéric Chapelle is a psychiatrist in Toulouse and a doctor of psychology. He is the author of several books on mental health, such as “ Good stress, bad stress: instructions for use (Ed. Odile Jacob). He answers questions from Figaro on the warning signs and the management of “burnout“.

LE FIGARO. – It may be trivial, but can we start by defining what the burnout ?

Dr Frédéric CHAPELLE. – It’s a form of burnout. This notion was introduced in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger, an American psychoanalyst and psychologist who worked with drug addicts in a clinic in New York. He and his colleagues are working at a frenetic pace, and he has observed that they are all exhausted psychologically and physically. The term “ burnout » comes from the analogy with a building that would have been consumed from the inside. He then used it to refer to the internal devastation that burnout produces in a person.

Is it recognized…

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